Personalized training plan


Personalized training plan

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If you want to start getting ready for an upcoming race, but have no idea where to start, you have found it. We will develop a 4-12 week plan around your schedule and needs to help you improve your time or just get to where you can finish a 5k. The plan includes 3-5 workouts per week depending on your schedule and will start based on where you gage your current fitness level. 

Training plans can be a one time setup (without consult) or they can be with changes as you go (with consult). The training plans with consult will require that you answer a few simple questions after each workout. This will allow our team to monitor your progress and make the appropriate adjustments to your workout. You will also be able to get in touch with one of us via email to answer any questions about your workouts.

After completing this purchase you will receive an online questionnaire to help us start your workout plan. 

After completing the online questions for this workout, it will take our team approximately 5 business days to complete your personalized plan. During this time, we may email you for more specific information about what types of workouts fit your personality best. We want this workout to be a great experience for you as you prepare for your race. 

Contact us for ongoing training plans.

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Before you complete your purchase, you will be asked about 10 questions to help us start developing your workout. Don't feel overwhelmed, just answer as best you can and we will help you get the details worked out. 

*Note: For multi-event orders, you will have more questions and you will be asked what event to you want to be your focus. We will work on all of your events but with an additional focus on one. 
Also with multi event orders, I will work with up to 4 running events. If you are running track and field, I will work in field events only with the packages that say with consult. This will allow for more technical skill coaching for these events.